Campus: Continue shepherding of the new ones

  1. The new ones would be shepherded and build up by knitting with the saints in the homes
  2. New ones would have regular appointments with full-timer and community sisters on the campus
  3. College conference March 4th to 6th. 20 students showed interest

COVID: Saint’s health and well being with the recent new variant


  1. Pray for normal living of the gospel that we would proclaim the word, be ready in season and out of  season.
  2. Pray for the newly baptized ones would grow in a solid way by life and by truth
  3. Pray for Mia(Phan)’s baptism on February 22nd. She would experience being buried with Christ and raised to walk in the newness of life.

Building up of 2s and 3s

  1. In prayer
  2. In pursuing of the truth
  3. In shepherding others


  1. Pray for the saints visited to nurture the burden before the Lord and be led the Lord
  2. Pray for all the practical consideration such as school, job arrangement , selling and buying house.

Ministry Pursue (Life Study of Philippians 39, 40)

  1. Pray we could experience the subjective truth and enjoy the Lord through breathing, drinking, and eating the Lord