The Release of the Gospel in Cincinnati

Continue to pray for the Lord’s move in Cincinnati through the gospel time on April 23rd.


Continue to pray that the Lord’s will be done in the Ukraine. For more details please read the followed letter:

“[W]e have shared much how the Lord has often used wars for His purpose. The scattering of the saints from Jerusalem in 70 that spread His move to Asia and even Europe. How the wars in China lead to Watchman Nee and sent out Brother Lee and a few saints so that the Lord’s recovery had a way to spread to the whole inhabited earth. This has caused many of our refugees to seek the Lord earnestly how to follow Him to where He would send them for His move at this time. Please pray for this tonight and for the Lord to speak clearly to these ones seeking Him. Amen.”

Chris Wilde

GTCA Migrations

Continue to pray for the Lord to thrust out the workers for His move in the United States through GTCA.

  1. May the Lord release another serving sister for the UC campus team. Also, Columbus and Lexington teams need several more serving ones added.
  2. May the Lord release another 15 community saints to migrate to Cincinnati.