Hymns: 925, 930, 1294

Gospel– April 23rd

  1. Pray for normal living of the gospel that we would proclaim the word, be ready in season and out of  season.
  2. Pray for the invited ones to be gathered to the Gospel Meeting April 23rd.

Time to Gather

We ask that the saints please gather at the gospel location by 4:30pm, unless you plan on coming early for setup at 4:00pm.

Caring for People

  1. We ask that we have a good number of saints at all times at the entrance to welcome new ones coming.
  2. When a new one arrives, please greet them and try to connect them to the ones that invited them, if they are present.
  3. Before the actual gospel time, please care for the invited ones on a friendly human level. There will be a strong time of the gospel at the proper time. Establishing a friendly connection is key to their being able to receive the gospel.
  4. After the actual gospel time, please take time to care for the invite ones by asking them regarding the word heard. Help them to understand the word heard.
  5. We would like to begin the breakdown stage of the meeting 30 minutes after the gospel time has finished. We would like to focus caring for the invited ones during the 30 minutes immediately following the gospel time.