College Conference

Please pray for all those that have signed up for the college conference March 4-6. There is a battle to get the students there, and an even greater battle for the young ones to see God’s economy and eternal purpose. Please pray for the following students who have expressed a desire to go.

  1. Kaylynn B
  2. Alisha C
  3. Kara
  4. Julie
  5. Samuel J
  6. Joel P
  7. Mercy D
  8. Haneesha D
  9. Favour
  10. Christian D
  11. Sam N
  12. Alan R
  13. Luke S

Spiritual Warfare

Please pray for the campus work in Columbus. There has been much opposition in recent days there that has greatly affected several of their students. Please pray for the saints to have a time to shepherd each one, and even to recover the fellowship with each one.


  1. Luke  14:16-17  “… A certain man was making a great dinner and invited many; And he sent his slave at the dinner hour to say to those who had been invited, Come, for all things are now ready.”  Gospel Meeting April 23rd
  2. Pray for Mia(Phan)’s baptism on February 22nd. She would experience being buried with Christ and raised to walk in the newness of life.

Building up of 2s and 3s

  1. In prayer
  2. In pursuing of the truth
  3. In shepherding others


  1. Pray for the saints visited to nurture the burden before the Lord and be led the Lord
  2. Pray for all the practical consideration such as school, job arrangement , selling and buying house.

Ministry Pursue (Life Study of Philippians 41, 42)

  1. Pray we could learn the truth, experience the truth and speak the truth in order to uphold the truth for the proper church life

Prayer Meeting Practiced with Companions

  1. First Wed of every month we will gather for a corporate prayer meeting.
  2. 3 times a month the prayer meeting will be with companions.